Rapiscan Eagle® P45 Portal

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The Rapiscan Eagle® P45 Portal is a high energy 4.5 MeV drive through X-Ray imaging systems which offers best-in-class imaging, robust standard features and advanced options for accurate and efficient cargo screening

It is ideal for heavy traffic gateways providing thorough inspection of trucks and containers to verify its contents to identify the presence of hidden contraband, such as weapons, explosives and narcotics and high throughput. For drive-thru cargo inspection, the Eagle® P45’s 4.5 MeV X-Ray Imaging system provides high throughput scanning of dense and densely-packed cargo, which otherwise may have to be manually inspected.

With best-in-class imaging, robust standard features and advanced options, the Rapiscan Eagle® P45 offers a highly-automated system for fast, reliable inspection.

  • The Traffic Control and Monitoring System enable automated operation providing a scan throughput up to 180 vehicles per hour.
  • The Eagle® Portal P45 has a 4.5 MeV X-ray imaging system that enables inspection of dense cargo, verification of manifests and identification of contraband, such as explosives, weapons and narcotics.
  • The Eagle® P45 systems is consist of the portal, which supports the X-ray generator and detector array, the Traffic Control and Monitoring System and the containerized offices.
  • High throughput inspection in multiple modes with Rapiscan Eagle® P45 scanner, deliver high quality X-ray imaging in a high throughput operation.
  • The whole vehicle can be safely inspected with the optional CabScan™ mode; a low energy, low dose X-ray source is used to scan the drivers cab, switching automatically to a high energy source after the cab area has moved through the portal, with the resulting X-ray images sent to a nearby office for review and evaluation.
  • Optionally - Radiation shielding walls or a weatherproof building can be optionally added

Rapiscan Eagle® P45 Portal Standard Features

  • Drive-through cargo inspection
  • Automated scanning operation
  • Throughput up to 180 trucks per hour
  • 4.5 MeV X-ray imaging system
  • Industry leading X-ray imaging quality
  • Easy-to-use Rapiscan Cargo Viewer software
  • Meets radiation safety standards
  • Designed for easy relocation
  • Easy to maintain

Various Optional features are available for system and operational enhancement.