Rapiscan Eagle® A10

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The Rapiscan Eagle® A10 is a 1 MeV X-ray system designed for the safe and effective inspection of single or mixed commodity air cargo containers and pallets which is automatically scans as the cargoes moves through the A10’s inspection tunnel.

The Eagle® A10 provides high-quality X-ray images, which are immediately displayed on the operator workstation, the operator then evaluates the image using the comprehensive features of the Rapiscan Cargo Viewer software.

  • The scanning is controlled so that a container or ULD loaded at the entrance automatically moves through the Eagle®A10 unit
  • Optional Entrance and exit conveyors can be added to facilitate loading and unloading of containers and pallets. The system is designed to support busy air cargo inspection operations and can also be integrated into an automated air cargo handling system
  • Integral shielding protects nearby personnel, as result no additional radiation exclusion zone or external shielding is required, which minimizes the unit’s operating area.
  • The Eagle® A10 combines the operational advantages of a compact cabinet system with the inspection capabilities of a high-energy X-ray imaging system
  • Innovative features expand the systems capabilities still further making the Eagle® A10 the most user-friendly and efficient air cargo scanner available

Rapiscan Eagle® A10 Standard Features

  • 1 MeV X-Ray imaging system
  • 3 m by 3.1 m inspection tunnel
  • Inspection tunnel capable of accommodating the largest air cargo pallets and Unit Load Devices (ULD’S)
  • Automated scan process
  • Industry leading X-Ray imaging
  • Easy-to-use Rapiscan Cargo Viewer software
  • Cargo moves through the inspection tunnel on an integral conveyor System
  • Integrated shielding removes the need for exclusion zones around the System
  • Radiation safe, fully shielded system reducing operational footprint

Various Optional features are available for system and operational enhancement