Rapiscan Eagle® G60

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The Rapiscan Eagle® G60 is a rail mounted gantry inspection system which offers a 6 MeV high-energy X-ray Imaging system. It is well-suited for cargo screening at entrances to critical facilities, as well as border crossings and seaports.

The Rapiscan Eagle® G60 6 MeV X-ray imaging system easily penetrates light, medium and dense cargo, for the identification of contraband, such as explosives, weapons and narcotics.

With best-in-class imaging, robust standard features and advanced options, the Rapiscan Eagle® G60 offers a highly-automated system for automated, reliable inspection.

  • The Eagle® G60 is a 6 MeV X-ray imaging system that enables inspection of light, medium and dense cargo, verification of manifests and identification of contraband, such as explosives, weapons and narcotics.
  • The Eagle® G60 is consists of the gantry, which supports the X-ray generator and detector array, the rails and the containerised offices.
  • Rapiscan Eagle® Gantry cargo and vehicle scanners deliver high quality X-ray imaging in a highly-automated scanning operation. In drive-by scan mode, unoccupied vehicles parked between the rails are scanned as the gantry moves past them.
  • Multiple scanning modes. When high throughput is needed, the Eagle Gantry® can be operated in the optional drive-through portal scan mode which automatically scans the cargo as trucks drive through the stationary gantry.
  • With the optional CabScan™ mode; a low energy, low dose X-ray source is used to scan the drivers cab, switching automatically to a high energy source after the cab area has moved through the portal, with the resulting X-ray images sent to a nearby inspection office or containerised office facility for review and evaluation
  • Radiation shielding walls or a weatherproof building can be optionally added.

Rapiscan Eagle® G60 Standard Features

  • Rail mounted gantry scanner
  • Scan unoccupied objects parked between the rails
  • Highly automated scanning operation
  • 6 MeV X-ray imaging system
  • Industry leading X-ray imaging quality
  • Easy-to-use Rapiscan Cargo Viewer software
  • Meets radiation safety standards
  • Designed for easy relocation
  • Easy to maintain

Various Optional features are available for system and operational enhancement