Rapiscan Eagle® M60

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The Rapiscan Eagle® M60 mobile cargo and vehicle inspection systems is design to be suitable for driving on public roads and can be easily deployed for scanning of trucks and cargo containers to verify its contents to identify the presence of hidden contraband, such as weapons, explosives and narcotics

With a 6 MeV X-ray imaging system the Eagle® M60 is fully self-contained with all the equipment and feature’s required to perform inspections at locations, such as seaports, border crossings and roadside checkpoints. The 6MeV X-ray imaging system achieves high penetration to inspect dense cargo while reducing the size of its operational area.

The Rapiscan Eagle® M60 offers superior imaging, robust standard features and advanced options that make it the most user-friendly and flexible mobile system in its class.

  • The Eagle® M60 has a 6MeV X-ray imaging system with the detector array mounted in an L shaped boom. For transport, the boom is stowed and for scanning it is deployed to form the inspection tunnel.
  • The Eagle® M60 scans by driving past one or more unoccupied stationary objects in the forward or reverse direction. It also has two optional drive-through scan modes that scan trucks as they drive through the stationary inspection tunnel.
  • In the drive-through portal scan mode, only the cargo is scanned with the system activating only when the drivers cab has passed through.
  • The Eagle® M60 is fitted with a patented boom design to enable scanning of 5.0 m tall objects.
  • Producing high-quality X-ray image of a vehicle or cargo container and its contents, the scan image is immediately displayed on a monitor in the onboard Inspector Cab.
  • The onboard inspector then evaluates the image using the comprehensive features of the Rapiscan Cargo Viewer software. Images can also be sent wirelessly to a nearby inspection office for review by off-board inspectors.
  • With no dedicated land, buildings or infrastructure required, the Eagle® M60 cargo and vehicle scanner provide operational flexibility and with everything required to perform a scan onboard, able to drive to an inspection site on local roads and within 30 minutes is ready to inspect.

Rapiscan Eagle® M60 Standard Features

  • 6 MeV X-ray imaging system
  • Industry leading X-ray imaging quality
  • Mobile unit meets local road regulations
  • All needed inspection capabilities onboard
  • Two onboard inspectors in an ergonomically design inspection office
  • Drive-by scanning of stationary, unoccupied vehicles
  • Continuously scan multiple objects
  • Easy-to-use Rapiscan Cargo Viewer software
  • Energy Efficient LED lighting systems.

Various Optional features are available for system and operational enhancement