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TSA RAVEN™ (Radiation Alarm and Video Event Notification) communications software is designed to both capture and view data and video images relating to a radiological detection incident. RAVEN stored data and video can be used in the rapid identification of the location of radioactive substances.

Using TSA RAVEN, a thorough review of the incident can be performed remotely and any identifying information can be relayed to response personnel in the field for possible secondary inspection or other interdiction. With TSA RAVEN monitoring software, the remote operator can assist in pinpointing the radioactive source saving time for personnel doing secondary inspections.

Advanced Monitoring Features

TSA RAVEN continuously monitors the system controller in the Radiation Detector monitor for any changes. The Central Alarm Station (CAS) operators will be alerted upon any controller change and can view original and new settings. RAVEN can monitor multiple systems and can simultaneously present data for each monitored location on screen. The live video feeds allow the operator to view activity at each monitor location.

Optional Configurations

Local Alarm Stations (LAS) can be configured to only display information that will be useful to the local user. The Central Alarm Station (CAS) can be configured to display much more detailed information that is useful for alarm trending and other data analysis. Multiple LAS or CAS locations can easily be established and through the use of wireless routers these locations can be mobile. Multi-layered password protection will restrict unauthorized access to sensitive data or video and will protect the privacy of innocent individuals.

Software Features

  • Alarm Priority: Prioritized alarms to easily identify the most critical first
  • Recall Events: Archived events easily recalled using query options
  • Analysis Graphs: Graphs of background radiation levels are available to analyze monitor conditions
  • Access Restrictions: Easy workstation configuration to limit access
  • Site Audio Requirements: Audio annunciation can be tailored to exact site requirements
  • Fault Conditions: System status indicators help users identify fault conditions
  • Operation: System automatically resumes normal operation after clearing of fault conditions
  • Video Analysis: Single click to expand video images to full screen for easier analysis

Various Optional features are available for operational enhancement.