Rapiscan Network Display Station (NDS™)

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Rapiscan Systems’ Multi-System Network Display Station (NDS™) enables security professionals to more efficiently manage the primary and secondary inspection process, improving the continuous flow of baggage and parcels, while still ensuring a thorough threat detection procedure at the screening site.

When the Multi-System NDS is added to the screening lane manual search station, the X-ray scanner transmits the X-ray image of a bag’s or parcel’s contents, with the location of the suspicious objects marked and annotated by the local operator, to the secondary NDS display.

The manual search operator can then reconcile the scanned baggage or parcel X-ray image with the contents of the actual bag or parcel. By providing the manual search operator with the marked and annotated image to quickly recognize the search area in a suspect baggage or parcel, the NDS simplifies and improves the throughput of screening procedures and improves the communication between personnel responsible for different yet related tasks.

With the NDS, security operations are able to improve the passenger and customer experience, make interoperability between security personnel more convenient and effective, and facilitate management of labor and staffing expenditures.


  • Multi-System Support and Compatibility: Each NDS can manage images from multiple scanners and can be installed with any combination of Rapiscan baggage and parcel inspection 600 series systems
  • Image Queuing: By implementing the NDS, incoming baggage or parcels can continue to be scanned without any delay or wait time because transmitted images of the objects requiring a secondary search are automatically stored and queued at the NDS station. The images are stored and presented on the NDS workstation on a first in, first out basis. Once a bag is marked as clear or suspect by the secondary operator, the next image will automatically appear
  • Image Archiving: The NDS allows the manual search operator to choose whether to archive images for future retrieval and review
  • User interface and functionality is consistent across the X-ray system and the NDS. The X-ray images are identical on both display screens. Using an identical operator control panel (OCP), the same full range of image processing functions (e.g. crystal clear, inorganic/organic stripping, black & white, etc.) are available on the NDS


  • Increased screening process throughput by eliminating the need to stop conveyor flow when bags or parcels are identified for manual inspection
  • Greater efficiency by allowing next bag or parcel to be screened, without causing delay or wait time in the screening queue
  • Lower cost of operation by reducing staff time
  • Improved security confidence by providing the X-ray image to the manual search operator at the NDS (Screener redundancy, training and supervisory oversight)

With continual development of its products, Rapiscan Systems reserves the right to amend specifications without notice.