Rapiscan Image Archiving

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Rapiscan's baggage and parcel inspection X-ray screening systems offer two types of image archiving - advanced manual and automatic. In both modes, the stored images can be retrieved at a later time for operator training, improved operator efficiency verification or to review previously scanned images if subsequent events make such a review necessary.

Manual Image Archiving

Rapiscan Systems' Manual Image Archive feature provides the ability for the operator to store the scanned image onto the system hard drive for retrieval and review at a later time. In this feature the operator manually selects and stores the image on the display screen via a single button available on the operator control panel. Each image then can be named with a full description, if desired.

Automatic Image Archiving

Automatic Image Archiving, Auto-Archive, enables all the scanned images to be stored onto the system hard drive "automatically" without operator intervention.

Image Retrieve and Review

Retrieving archived images is easily accessible from user friendly GUI on the main menu. In this menu two choices of either "Review Manual Archives" or "Review Auto Archives" from the "Image Archives" submenu is available via the X-ray system control panel touch pad. Choosing either option opens the "Review Archives Viewer" and the "Filter Options" window. In this window the operator can specify the images to be retrieved by a variety of filter types. The most recent image will start to scroll on screen with additional images following through on the operator control panel. All available image enhancements functions (such as Crystal Clear, Inverse, and Black and White) are available for application.

Exporting Image

Archived images can be exported from the X-ray system onto an external USB type drive. The type of file format can also be specified during export either as Rapiscan proprietary format or as a standard bitmap (.bmp) format or both. NOTE: If the image is in Rapiscan Systems proprietary file format, it can only be viewed on a Rapiscan Systems X-ray system or a Rapiscan Systems Network Display Station.


  • Choice of manual or automatic archive
  • Enhanced and comprehensive archive management
  • Image retrieval with image processing
  • Image export via direct USB for viewing on PC
  • Network shared folder for remote monitoring


  • Continuous operator training
  • Monitoring operator performance
  • Share and view images on standalone Windows based PC

With continual development of its products, Rapiscan Systems reserves the right to amend specifications without notice.