Rapiscan NETView™

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Rapiscan Systems’ state-of-the-art Network Image Archive Review (NETView™) solution provides a unified management platform for storing, retrieving, and reviewing the X-ray images from multiple scanners in a centralized location.

Designed to integrate multiple Rapiscan baggage and parcel inspection screening (BPI) systems, Network image Archive Review (NETView) allows the X-ray images generated by the many networked scanners, to be archived in a single Network Archive Storage (NAS) server. Allowing for the collective archiving of images from a variety of Rapiscan BPI systems, including single and dual view scanners with various tunnel sizes, NETView allows image retrieval, review, processing, manipulation as well as image printing and export from a single operator NETView station.

The NETView station includes the same familiar and matching tools, software and user interface as Rapiscan’s standard tools available on a standalone scanner for image processing, manipulation and review, ensuring consistency and no need for additional knowledge acquisition by users.

The Principle

With NETView, all images are copied onto the NAS server from all scanners connected to the same network in real time.

The NETView configuration then allows an authorized user at the NETView station to retrieve and centrally review three types of archived images: Manual Archived Images, Automatic Archived Images and Missed Archived Threat Image Projection (TIP) Images.

Upon successful login to Rapiscan BPI OS600 software at the NETView station, a dialog filter window is presented. It allows the user to select the desired archived images for viewing, based on a variety of criteria, such as operator ID, site, date, specific scanner model or serial number.


  • Configurable time image retention time based on first in first out rule to ensure storage availability at all times
  • Configurable and scalable storage media size depending on archive frequency, retention period and number of networked scanners
  • Identical Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Operator Control Panel (OCP) allows image processing, printing and export from the NETView station seamless
  • Immediate image synchronization with the scanners upon inadvertent NAS shutdown or network interruption


  • Reduces complexity in shared infrastructure through a single, unified storage management approach
  • Provides supervisory oversight in a complex screening site
  • Facilitates an easy search and image retrieval through centralization of images from all the scanners in one site
  • Allows for an historical screening perspective through long term preservation and retention of images

With continual development of its products, Rapiscan Systems reserves the right to amend specifications without notice.