Rapiscan Threat Image Projection Network

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TIPNet is an advanced networking capability available for the Rapiscan 600 series X-ray screening systems running TIP. TIPNet helps ensure the effective use of these systems by providing an easy-to-learn, easy-to-operate multi-system monitoring, reporting and configuration management tool.

Rapiscan TIPNet allows supervisors to run Threat Image Projection (TIP) on multiple X-ray systems from one central network computer.

On a standalone X-ray system, TIP software logs individual operator results and will provide various supervisor generated reports. However, when multiple systems are networked together, the TIP management software provides a comprehensive reporting tool across the complete network of systems. It provides feature-rich supervisory controls and reporting functions to continually improve the performance of large checkpoint screening installations.

TIP settings are received from the server in real time allowing changes globally through the network. In addition, the data generated by each X-ray system is uploaded to the central database in real time. Among many advanced features of TIPNet, a built-in redundancy function allows all networked X-ray systems to continue the TIP operation in a standalone mode, if the network connection is broken. Once the connection has been re-established the locally recorded TIP data will be automatically be updated to the server.

Threat Image Projection Management Analysis Software (TMAS™)

Rapiscan Systems' TIP Management Analysis Software (TMAS) is a complete TIP data management tool providing a simple, robust and functional reporting interface. It operates in a TIPNet environment with user friendly controls and in-depth analysis of screener's TIP data. TMAS offers a range of overviews from easy to access historical TIP data to reviewing missed images.

  • High Level Overview
  • Individual Screener Performance Overview
  • Screener Log Overview
  • TIP Data Comparison Overview
  • Screener Competency Overview
  • Threat Detection by Category Overview
  • TIP Training and Feedback Overview

TIPNet Overview

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Rapiscan Systems provides all the necessary software and engineering support for the full implementation of TIPNet to ensure the smooth implementation of the network systems.


  • Manage TIP Data across the complete network
  • Centralized monitoring, reporting and configuration management of multiple TIP software installations
  • Software-based feature compatible with all Rapiscan 6xx series X-ray systems
  • Compliant with the ECAC TIP 2 requirements


  • Increase efficiency by simultaneous management of TIP libraries and configurations of multiple systems
  • Easy maintenance of users and TIP features and configurations
  • Instantaneous access to TIP data – reports, graphs and trends
  • Download tip data from all x-ray machines from one location.

With continual development of its products, Rapiscan Systems reserves the right to amend specifications without notice.