Rapiscan Target™

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Rapiscan Systems’ Target™ function highlights a potential threat on the X-ray image. Used as an aid to accelerate the scanning process Target provides an automatic identification of potential explosive threat material. Target algorithms have been developed to detect a wide range of explosives and have been designed to meet stringent international airport security regulations including U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration.


Target™ uses a proprietary detection algorithm that performs material analysis of a scanned item. By gathering data such as atomic number, mass, size and other properties of the scanned materials and comparing this information to the known characteristics of threat items such as explosives Target is able to identify potential threats.


  • Operator assist automatic detection alert of potential explosive material
  • Real time detection without the need to stop the conveyor
  • Simultaneous functionality with Threat Image Projection (TIP) and Density Threat Alert (DTA)
  • Optional operation in automatic or interactive mode or both
  • Available on all Rapiscan Systems’ 600 series X-ray systems


  • Improved security by assisting operator to identify threats that may be otherwise covered or not easily visible
  • Increased throughput by accelerating the checking procedure
  • Increase and shift operator focus on passenger behavior from continuous monitoring the screen.

With continual development of its products, Rapiscan Systems reserves the right to amend specifications without notice.