Rapiscan Threat Image Projection (TIP)

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Threat Image Projection (TIP) allows security supervisors and managers to measure operator performance while addressing the training needs of personnel for all Rapiscan Systems' conventional X-ray systems. It is a reliable method for continually improving the skill level of security personnel and is the preferred training method used by regulatory agencies worldwide.

TIP is designed to advance screener proficiency by providing more exposure to threats on a regular basis, and to track screener performance. At configurable frequencies defined by a supervisor, TIP insert digital fictional threat images (FTI) such as guns, knives and bombs as if the threat object were actually packed inside the passenger's bag into the regular flow of bags displayed on the X-ray system monitor.

TIP improves the alertness of personnel at security points while focusing their attention on key tasks. Based on the screener's response there are several outcomes that are the basis for all TIP performance scoring, feedback, and data reports.


The supervisor or manager may alter all settings associated with TIP configurations including:

  • TIP Frequency: Defines the frequency at which a TIP image is inserted in the baggage displayed on screen.
  • TIP Timing: Determines the parameters for the Initial Decision Time (IDT), Secondary Decision Time (SDT).
  • TIP Category: Allows for modification of FTI categories and TIP projection percentages.
  • TIP Library: Allows for addition and modification of TIP libraries.


Supervisors can improve the effectiveness of the operators by creating management reports and taking targeted corrective actions to continually enhance performance.

TIP management reports display the actual detection rate, HIT rate, MISS rate and false alarm rate (NON-TIP EVENT) for each security checkpoint. Reports can be created for individual team members and various stations so that training opportunities are quickly identified.

TIP functionality provides the option for users to receive visual feedback through an individualized summary report and response decision times. The screener also has the option to view a session report after logging off the system.

The display includes a mean performance report for current session as well as cumulative data for the current month. A Screener Comparison function compares screeners using criteria such as bag count, number of HITs, MISSs and Non-TIP Events.

NOTE: The Rapiscan Threat Image Projection (TIP) option provides a set of fictional threat items, intended to assist operators in improving their skills for system operation. TIP is training and monitoring technology and is not intended for use as a sole method of threat object or concealment detection training.

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