Rapiscan NARCScan™

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Rapiscan Systems’ NARCScan™ software improves the operator’s ability to quickly detect illegal and concealed narcotics - through automatic detection on all its baggage and parcel inspection systems.

The ability to detect illegal and controlled narcotics has become increasingly important to many countries’ national security. NARCScan™, Rapiscan Systems’ automatic narcotics detection technology, allows baggage and parcel inspection system operators to more quickly and easily identify potential illegal material inside scanned baggage or parcels.

By analyzing the targeted object for anomalies that might indicate concealed or actual narcotics, and displaying these as visual alerts in the operator’s screen image, the NARCScan™ software accelerates the scanning and narcotics discovery process at any screening station.


  • Non-intrusive automatic detection of narcotics inside the bag or parcels
  • Real time detection without the need to stop the conveyor and lose time
  • Does not require operator image processing or manipulation
  • Works simultaneously with other Rapiscan BPI OS600 functions, including Target™ for automatic detection of explosives, Threat Image Projection (TIP) and Density Threat Alert (DTA)
  • Can be used in automatic and interactive modes
  • Available on all Rapiscan Systems’ 600 series X-ray systems


  • Improves security by assisting operators in identifying narcotics that may be concealed or otherwise not easily visible
  • Increases throughput by accelerating the screening procedure

NARCScan™ is available as an option on all Rapiscan Systems’ 600 series conventional baggage and parcel inspection X-ray systems including single and dual view scanners. In dual view systems, the automatic detection feature highlights the suspicious material in both horizontal and perpendicular views.