Rapiscan 500 Series CBT

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The Rapiscan 500 Computer Based Training (CBT) program is PC based software used for effectively training personnel on the operation of the Rapiscan 500 series baggage and parcel X-ray screening systems. This interactive, self-paced program contains a tutorial course and an X-ray system simulator. The representation of real-world threats is used to assist the operator in understanding the importance of careful examination of every bag and parcel. Both programs use our Adaptive Difficulty Engine (ADE) to assess an operator’s proficiency in core skill areas and then tailor exams to match aptitude levels.


  • Real-world threat scenarios
  • Self-paced courses
  • Evaluates and adapts to challenge operator’s skill level


  • One license per PC, multiple users
  • Single database on a network server
  • Cost effective
  • Can be employed anytime, anyplace

Tutorial Course

The tutorial course readies operators to correctly operate the basic features of the Rapiscan 500 series X-ray systems.

  • Summary at the end of each tutorial and completed course
  • Practice sessions within tutorial
  • Glossary of definitions on each page
  • Icon to identify specific objects being analyzed
  • Ability to send messages to instructor at any stage during the course

Simulation Course

The simulation course is an interactive training program that provides an opportunity for operators to apply their X-ray interpretation skills by means of an on-screen simulation of the system

  • X-ray interpretation practice
  • 3-levels of increasing difficulty
  • Review session
  • X-ray interpretation final exam

The Rapiscan 500 CBT provides a limited set of threat objects and concealment techniques, intended to assist Operators in learning how to operate the system, but not for becoming fully proficient in Threat object or Concealment technique detection.

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