TSA PM 702

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The TSA PM702 is a Walk-through personnel radiation portal monitor (RPM) to automatically screen pedestrian traffic for radioactive materials.

It is suitable for installation indoor or outdoor and is designed for monitoring applications that require less sensitivity or for situations that require a semi-portable monitor. While it has adequate sensitivity for security applications, it is primarily designed for use in hospitals, laboratories, and other locations where radioactive Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) need to be monitored. 

Ease of Use and Manage

A numeric keypad alarm with an LCD display attaches to the pillar and provides both audible and visual alarm indicators. The system operates from an internal battery. Under normal conditions the memory should be adequate to store data for at least 3 months of operation.

Standard Features

  • Gamma Detection
  • Programmable Detection Parameters
  • Audio and Video Indications
  • Relay Outputs for User Interface
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Battery Backup
  • TSA RAVEN™ Compatible

Dimensions: Overall size: (H x W x D) 236 x 135 x 23 cm (93” x 53” x 9”) the system is consists of three main component; two vertical pillars each is 15cm diameter x 211cm H (6”diameter x 83”H) cross over which provides 81cm (32”) pillar spacing

Weight: Approximately 54kg (120lbs) per pillar