HE 50

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The Rapiscan HE50 provides true hand-held explosives trace detection with proven, future proofed, Ion Mobility Spectrometry 9IMS) technology. It is a lightweight and ergonomically detection tool suitable for application with the military, law enforcement, event, border and infrastructure protection personnel in their efforts to combat terrorism.

Operational Flexibility with Advanced Sampling Technology

  • The Rapiscan HE50 can detect explosive trace in both particulate and vapor form from the ambient environment or any surface that may have absorbed explosive residues.
  • In addition to traditional swipe sampling collection methodology, the HE50 makes possible use of a touch-free inhalation sampling method for situations where physical contact with the subject is inappropriate or not possible.
  • With its operational flexibility, real-time analysis response, and fast, reliable and specific identification of explosive threats, the HE50 can support a variety of screening scenarios, whether vehicle/people checkpoints, mail screening, cargo, etc.

Detection Capabiity

  • The Rapiscan HE50 can detects minute traces of a broad range of common commercial and homemade explosive materials, including nitrates, peroxides, plastic explosives, and their associated taggants,
  • With a low false alarm rate, the HE50 is capable of detecting, alarming on, and recording all threat results-even when multiple explosive materials are found during the same screening instance.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

  • Designed to minimize operating costs, the HE50 eliminates the majority of consumables and preventive maintenance requirements that are typically associated with ETD’s.
  • No grids, membranes, drying agents or calibration traps are required.

Real Time Detection

  • Features including fast start-up time,
  • fully automatic continuous self-calibration, and
  • an optional continuous sampling mode, all make the HE50 ideal for security situations where both high throughput and high detection probability are required.


  • Ready to use in less than 10 minutes, with an automated start-up process,
  • an intuitive operating interface and 3-button control,
  • the HE50 has no standard daily preparation, cleaning or maintenance task requirements.
  • Alarms can be configured with audible and/or visual detection indicators, on a LCD screen protected by impact-resistant glass, enabling the HE50 to be used in all light conditions and remain resistant to the scratches, drops, and bumps of everyday use.

Exempt from US NRC Requirements

The HE50 uses a unique ionization source with US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Exempt Distribution status that has no end-user radiation licensing requirements for use within the United States. International operators should check with their nuclear regulatory agency for local requirements.