Metor 150

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The Metor 150 Walk-through metal detector is designed for use at a security screening checkpoint for screening of individual entering into places, or highly secured building for suspicious objects such as guns and knives.

The Metor 150 is easy to operate with easy to use robust features

  • Programs: Programs: 21 detection programs designed to meet International Security Standards and to detect specific metals
  • Sensitivity: 100 sensitivity steps in each program for precision detection of target objects
  • Calibration: Calibration: Automatic or manual calibration, initial and periodic calibration is not necessary
  • Throughput Rate: Capable of a minimum of 50 persons per minute, not limited by the Digital Signal Processing
  • Interference Rejection: Superior immunity to external electrical interference, such as X-ray machines, computer or CCTV monitors.

Operational Features

  • Uniform detection field throughout the archway
  • Complete detection regardless of object(s) orientation
  • User friendly control unit integrated into the crosspiece
  • Access code protected to prevent tampering with settings
  • Automatic sensitivity calibration for quick and easy set-up
  • Multiple unit operation in close proximity without synchronization cables
  • Continuously active


The Metor 150 design complies with Federal Aviation Administration Three-gun test, NILECJ 0601.00 levels 1-5 and currently applicable EU directives, International standards on electrical safety and EMC.

The effects from the operation of the electronics and the low intensity magnetic fields of Rapiscan Systems Metor line of walk-through metal detectors are harmless to people with pacemakers, pregnant women, the operator, and general pedestrian traffic.