MVXR 5000

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The Rapiscan MVXR5000 is a Multi-View dual-energy X-ray screening system for high speed checked baggage, mail and parcel and complex customs application with Standard 2 compliant explosives detection capability.

At 1,800 bags per hour throughput the MVXR5000 provides 5 high quality dual-energy X-ray images which enable the advanced automated explosives detection algorithms to provide exceptionally high levels of detection with class leading image quality and low false alarm rates.

Advanced Fast Detection Algorithms

  • Fast reconstruction and detection algorithms use the 5 views of high resolution dual-energy images to detect the full range of explosive threats
  • By determining the presence and position of a threat based upon context, material density, size and effective atomic number the multiple views allow optimal performance for the detection of materials in configurations typically difficult to detect
  • 100% baggage screening is accomplished by the high speed throughput, up to 1800 bags per hour

Robust Design

  • The Rapiscan MVXR5000 has multiple layers of network redundancy designed to ensure the highest levels of system availability and fail-safe operation for the most demanding aviation security environments.

Regulatory Compliance

  • The Rapiscan MVXR5000 has been tested under ECAC and meets Standard 2 for Explosives Detection Systems.
The Rapiscan MVXR5000 modular design can be easily fitted with any Baggage Handling System and is qualified for air cargo screening by the TSA and listed on the Air Cargo Screening Technology List.