Rapiscan Eagle® T10

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The Eagle® Trailer Series T10 is a towable trailer-mounted 1 MeV X-Ray imaging system which can be rapidly deployed for fast, accurate and efficient cargo screening of vehicles and its cargo.

The rugged all-weather units are easily towed to an inspection site and ready to begin scanning in 10 minutes. Vehicles are scanned as they drive through the deployed boom, while the remote operator reviews the X-ray images at a safe distance. The Eagle® T10 inspects the vehicle and its cargo for contraband, such as explosives, weapons and narcotics.

  • The Eagle® T10’s 1 MeV X-ray imaging system provides the imaging performance required to scan vehicles and their cargo
  • The resulting high-quality X-ray images enable the operator to effectively find hidden contraband such as explosives, weapons and narcotics
  • The fully self-contained, trailer-mounted Eagle® T10 unit is easily and rapidly deployed in very short time to respond to changing operational requirements
  • In the High Throughput main scan modes, trucks are scanned as they drive through the inspection tunnel,
  • In the optional CabScan™ mode, a low energy, low dose X-ray source is used to scan the drivers cab, switching automatically to a high energy source after the cab area has moved through the portal.
  • The Eagle® Trailer T10 can be easily towed to a border crossing, to different inspection sites at a seaport or from a storage location to a deployment site.
  • The trailer is designed to meet the requirements for operation on public roads in the country where the unit is installed.

 Rapiscan Eagle® Trailer T10 Standard Features

  • 1MeV X-Ray imaging system
  • Trailer mounted configuration for quick deployment in response to changing operational needs
  • Drive-through cargo inspection
  • Easy to maintain and operate by a 1-2 person crew

Various Optional features are available for system and operational enhancement