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The Metor 6M is a multi-purpose Multi-zone Walk-through metal detector used primarily for weapons detection at security checkpoints and access controlled entries.

Typical applications:

  • passenger screening at airports and seaports,
  • visitor screening at courthouses, federal buildings and prisons,
  • access control in conferences, public buildings, sporting or special events at stadiums and concerts,
  • employee and visitor screening in power plants or factories,
  • loss prevention in different industrial applications
  • visitors screening in hotels, restaurants, casinos, and night clubs.

The versatile and robust Metor 6M is equipped with many advance features for ease of installation and operation.

Enhanced Security

  • The latest features for advanced security are available on the Metor 6M
  •  Calibration guard, power guard and ready-state violation all protect against unwanted tampering to the machine
  • Fully configurable user levels allow for unprecedented control over who can view and change settings on the Metor 6M.

Enhanced Features for Easier Usability

  • Automated sensitivity and floor sensitivity functions make the calibration process easy, eliminating the time consuming trial and error method
  • Automated frequency function selects the optimum operating frequency for the installation environment or in case of side-by-side use of more than one unit
  • Preset Detection Programs – The Metor 6M is delivered with multiple preset detection programs based on international standards, ready to use immediately
  • Random Alarm Function - The Metor 6M has a random alarm function that enables security personnel to randomly choose individuals for an additional security check
  • Intelligent Traffic Counters for Reliable Statistics – The Metor 6M is built with intelligent and virtually invisible traffic counters which are integrated inside the coil panels. Counters are bi-directional with a decrease mode. Alarms, passengers and alarm rates can all be counted

Easy to Install and Operate

  • With its immunity to electromag­netic interference and vibration, the Metor 6S is easy to install in the most demanding environments.
  • Several units can be placed in close proximity to one another, increasing the level of flexibility when planning an installa­tion site


The Metor 6M meets with the limits set by international standards for human safety. The effects from the operation of the electronics and the low intensity magnetic fields of Rapiscan Systems Metor line of walk-through metal detectors are harmless to people with pacemakers, pregnant women, the operator, and general pedestrian traffic.