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The Rapiscan 638DV is a Dual View Advanced cargo screening system with a large tunnel opening of 1,837 mm wide by 1,800 mm high. It is designed to allow for screening of ULD type, ISO Standard, lower deck and large cargo pallet type freights. The 638DV is widely used for air cargo screening and customs application and typically cargoes weighing up to 3,000 Kgs can be screened without compromising throughput.

The Rapiscan 638DV has been approved and included on the U.S TSA Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL) applicable to U.S TSA Certified Cargo Screening program (CCSP) as well as the Qualified Equipment and Services Lists applicable to the Transport Canada (TC) Air Cargo Security Program (ACS).

It also meets the stringent detection and image quality requirements as set by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA).


  • Tunnel Size
    1,837 x 1,800 mm (72.3 x 70.9 in)
  • Length
    10,620 mm (418.1 in.)
  • Width
    3,116 mm (122.7 in.)
  • Height
    3,481 mm (137.0 in.)